Regular Kids Roll in the Dirt All Summer, Rich Kids Go to Fashion Camp

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As a teenager with ambitions of making my own clothes (when your teen bible is a DVD of Pretty in Pink, it happens) I took a sewing class with a helpful grandma at my local Jo-Ann fabrics. But these days younger, fancier children with dreams of becoming a designer have a much better place to cut their teeth: fashion camp.


What is fashion camp, exactly? The New York Times reports that it’s a week-long program for Los Angeles rich kids aged six to 18 who learn to build their own clothing line from the ground up. That includes designing and sewing outfits and fun activities like forming “a customer profile for their target demographic” and marketing. Because, of course, it’s never too late to get your youngest family members #hustling. Attendees of the camp, named The Unincorporated Life, include the spawn of Kim Kardashian West, artist Shepard Fairey, and James Van Der Beek, and prices for the camp run $850 for the week.

Frankly, the clothes sound incredible. “My customer will wear my garment to a Halloween party and they will feel like they’re in a horror movie,” a nine-year-old said to the NYT. Okay, I’d wear it immediately.


Other kids can learn personal branding or DJ-ing, so the camp is basically an incubator program for future influencers, as if being the child of an extremely famous person doesn’t ensure that enough. Get to working, babies!

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My daughter just wrapped up a week of Fashion Art camp. They learned basic sewing, and the goal was to recycle old clothes into new fashion.

She came home with lice from all the sharing of hats and fabrics. How was your Saturday?