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A new nationwide survey via the University of Chicago claims that the public's opinion on homosexuality is "sharply divided", with 44% of participants saying that "sexual relations between two adults of the same sex" is "always wrong" and 41% saying it's "not wrong at all." (Maybe the other 15% believed that gay sex is okay if both parties are wicked hot, but it doesn't say for sure.)


Thanks for sharing, 44% of participants but I don't remember anyone asking you —oh, yeah, the person conducting the survey asked you specifically. Fair enough.

One thing this study was able to glean is that there are large regional differences in attitudes about homosexuality. This may seem like an obvious statement given that most people would cite places like "the deep south" as one part of the country where it's probably less "ok to be gay" but this list of the locations of the people who thought homosexual sex is "always wrong because God and the devil and something else or something" and people who think it's "not wrong at all" is definitely interesting and deeply upsetting all at the same time.


It saddens me that we still live in a country where there are such large groups of people who can say with such certainty that homosexual relationships are "wrong" but hey, they exist.

They exist and oftentimes they see no problem in using violence and hate speech to communicate their disapproval of something that really doesn't affect them in any way whatsoever.

At least now you have a list of cities where these people are hanging out together and you can steer clear —or not. Because there shouldn't be a single place in the world where it's not "ok" to be gay.

OK to be gay? Regional ranking of homophobia [CBS]

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