Refreshing Tide Commercial Manages Not to Rely on Goon-Dad Caricature for a Change

Ah, the American father — that beer-guzzling, football-watching, hamburger-grilling lump of a human who so often prostrates himself on the family couch before his stupefied children like a sedated gorilla has been soundly mocked as a hapless oaf since, well, General Yepanchin in The Idiot. Then, of course, there's every sitcom father ever, even lumpy dinosaur Earl Sinclair, whose mere presence in the sitcom-dad pantheon suggests that working and middle class fathers have been supreme idiots since human fathers even existed.


It's refreshing, then, to see a dad not play the dumb-dad clown every now and then. When Stereotypical American Clown Father appears in a commercial for some housekeeping chemical, it's usually to demonstrate his utter incompetence (dads don't clean, silly! they spill rib juice all over the couch as they slip into a meat stupor over the course of a lazy Sunday afternoon) and promptly exit stage right, a freshly chastised goon. A (relatively) new Tide commercial, however, doesn't rely on goon-father to hawk its detergent — Tide Dad is just a normal parent having a blast playing-pretend with his daughter. And what do they play in this blissful domestic imaginarium? Everything from fairy tale princess to wild west sheriff (hint: dad has to stay in a jail made of chairs until his power-drunk daughter decides to free him).

Tide Wows with Commercial That Treats Dad Like a Norml Human [AdWeek]

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Tide has a lot of great commercials lately. Google does well at these too.

I couldn't find the one I've been seeing recently that I really like a lot. A dad is packing up his suitcase and his daughter keeps asking him "Can you check it now, Daddy?" And eventually he says okay, okay and uses google to check on his flight and learns it is cancelled. The little girl gets so excited and they run out and play in the snow together and it's all super adorable.

But I did find this one I used to get a lot last year for chrome and it's pretty sweet too. Also, I don't know why but I get a little bit of an Emma Stone vibe from the girl.

Edit: I found the one I was originally looking for!