If you need a reason to never try the newish drug Flakka beyond the threat of zombie-like psychosis and/or acting like Helen Hunt from that After School Special about PCP, look no further from the clip above, which comes from a special episode of Intervention subtitled “Flakka’s Five Dollar Insanity.” Nine months after her last dose of the synthetic stimulant, which is particularly popular in Florida, 24-year-old subject Shelbi reports her brain has been “depleted” and the clip above contains several instances in which she trails off, mid-thought, unable to complete the sentence she had just started. After smoking it once, Shelbi began shooting the drug and then...well, I don’t know, because she trailed off.

Later in the episode, Shelbi to her father, “I remember things that happened yesterday…it’s nice.”

Don’t do Flakka!!!