“Where the hell are we?”
“Where the hell are we?”

A fashion week show was interrupted on Thursday when two tortoises started boning in the middle of the runway, likely as a demonstration against fashion’s use of mother nature as a prop for couture consumption and material excess.


Onlookers at Mathieu Mirano’s fall 2016 showcase were flabbergasted as a 200-pound African spurred tortoise, taken from its natural habitat, rejected the pretentious surroundings and instead gave into its erotic impulses.

Page Six reports:

The creatures — the third-largest species of tortoise in the world and the largest mainland tortoise — were allowed to roam on the sand-covered runway among the models at Thursday’s show at Pier 59 studios.


One guest described the scene: “A large male began pursuing a smaller female tortoise around the models, who stood still posing in the sand. One model could barely hide her giggles as the determined male followed the female past her feet, and he then proceeded to climb aboard.”

Funny ha-ha? No. For the tortoises, it was a move that could only be interpreted as: Don’t put tortoises in a fake desert on a runway.

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