Rebel Wilson Wins Her Defamation Suit Against Australian Media Company

Rebel Wilson and a koala purse. Image via Getty.
Rebel Wilson and a koala purse. Image via Getty.

Rebel Elizabeth Melanie Wilson, the actress formerly known as Melanie Elizabeth Bownds, won her defamation lawsuit against Bauer Media, the publishers of Woman’s Day, an Australian tabloid who claimed in 2015 that Wilson lied about her background—including her age, name, and family history.


The case was a little confusing at first, as Wilson never said she wasn’t actually several years older than many publications originally thought and born with a different name. Bauer’s issue, as the Pitch Perfect star’s lawyers successfully proved in court, was their claim that Wilson herself lied about her background to them. Per Refinery29, “she only deflected questions about her age.”

In a statement about her victory, Wilson said:

“This has definitely been a long and very hard fight but I felt that I had to take a stand. I had to stand up to a bully, a huge media organization–Bauer Media Group–who maliciously took me down in May 2015 with a series of grubby and completely false articles.

It’s a win for everybody who gets maliciously taken down when there’s no reason that should happen. In my case, I’m a successful Australian, I was in a number-one movie all around the world, and the response from this organization was just to maliciously bring me down.”

She is “expected to receive financial damages.”

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So there’s actually not much to say about this Page Six story about Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker combining their two big Manhattan townhouses into one gigantic Manhattan townhouse because, you know, they’re rich Manhattanites and this is exactly the kind of thing rich Manhattanites love to do with their money. But! I do love this little moment:

Last year, Parker’s rep vehemently denied to Page Six that she was planning to combine the homes and create a sprawling double mansion, which would be one of the largest in the West Village.

“False,” the rep snapped at us by e-mail in 2016.

What percentage of Sarah Jessica Parker’s rep’s emails (or any rep’s emails, for that matter) could be described as “snaps” of just “FALSE”? 30 percent? 40 percent?

[Page Six]

This post about Gwen Stefani buying tons of sexy underwear for Blake Shelton’s birthday is one of the most deranged things I’ve read in...days!


An insider close to the Voice coach revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that Gwen is going to be gifting Blake with tons of amazing presents, all of which cost a pretty penny. But one of her biggest expenditures is the underwear she’s purchased for the occasion!

“And Gwen spent a few thousand on new lingerie too, she’s planning to totally blow his mind and make it the best birthday ever,” the source told Whoa! A few THOUSAND dollars on lingerie? What were those panties made of, diamonds???


[Hollywood Life]

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