Rebel Wilson Awarded Record-Breaking $3.6M in Defamation Suit, Plans to 'Give the Money Away'

Image via Getty.
Image via Getty.

Three months after winning a defamation suit against Bauer Media, the company responsible for publishing at least eight articles that a jury decided had painted Rebel Wilson as a “serial liar,” Wilson has been awarded $4.5 million (roughly 3.6 million in American dollars) in damages. BBC News reports the sum marks “Australia’s largest payout for a defamation case.”


In a series of tweets published early Wednesday morning, Wilson said the case “wasn’t just about the money,” and shared plans to use the payout to help “some great Australian charities” and “[support] the Oz film industry.”


She continued:

Wilson claims she lost multiple film roles because of defamatory pieces published by Bauer, and called her triumph in the courtroom proof that tabloid journalism is often “disgusting and disgraceful.”


She’s currently working on a film called Isn’t It Romantic, which seems great.

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