Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy Make a Pact Not to Lose Weight

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Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy have decided not to change for Hollywood. According to a report, the two have formed a pact: Stay large and in charge.

Of course, this comes from an anonymous source via a gossip site, but still! An insider claims: "Neither one of them is trying to lose weight and they’ve formed this little support group to keep each other from falling into the skinny Hollywood trap." Ooooh the skinny trap. Those little suckers are everywhere, you truly have to watch your step. In all seriousness: If these two are bonding over Tinseltown's obsession with svelteness, that's great. It's nice to have someone who understands/commiserates/doesn't judge. [Radar]

RIP Joan Fontaine. The actress won an Oscar for the Hitchcock thriller Suspicion, and also starred in the classic film Rebecca. She was also known for being in a life-long feud with her famous older sister, Olivia de Havilland. Fontaine was 96 years old. [LA Times]


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Khloe Kardashian was spotted with baseball player Matt Kemp, who previously dated Rihanna. This report tries to make you believe he is her new man now that she's divorcing Lamar Odom. Except Khloe and Matt were just going to the same gym? And took separate cars? And entered through separate doors? If this is how you get a new boyfriend then I'm dating Jamie Foxx. (We crossed paths at Equinox one time.) [NYDN]

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Apparently Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence kiss in American Hustle. Amy gushes: "She does a great job at it! She has very soft lips. She's a really awesome woman. Everyone's chemistry is so electric in this." [NYDN]

  • Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans — who is pregnant — was arrested on Saturday, for the second time this year. She's only 21, but she's packed in so much living. [NYDN]
  • Pop star showcase showdown: Miley Cyrus is hosting an event in Las Vegas on December 27. That happens to be the exact same night Britney Spears opens her Planet Hollywood residency. Put on some armor and take it to the coliseum, ladies. [NYDN]
  • Oh and by the by: Miley Cyrus continues to tease toplessness as a means of promoting that Free The Nipple documentary. [X17]
  • Saint Angelina is shooting a film Down Unda and took some selfies with fans. So happy! So smiley! [Daily Mail]
  • Rihanna's closet space is larger than your entire house. [Page Six]
  • Headline Of The Day: "Hugh Jackman Has an Awesome Bathroom." [Page Six]
  • Wait, no, this is Headline Of The Day: "Smelly Prince Harry Denied Booze in Antarctica Bar." [Radar]
  • Some lady put her hands on your soul mate Jason Momoa (That was no lady, that was his ex-wife, yuk yuk yuk sorry.) [Daily Mail]
  • Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio had her ears pinned when she was 11 years old and the procedure was totally jacked up, done by a n00b doctor, and sounds like a nightmare. [ABC News]
  • Taylor Swift donated $100K to the Nashville Symphony, which is super cool, no snark. [AP]
  • More Blackfish backlash: Martina McBride has canceled a Sea World performance. [CNN]
  • ORLY Of The Day: Tila Tequila sex tape. [TMZ]
  • Ummmm there are Dylan Sprouse nude pix floating around out there so click carefully. [E!]

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I don't need a fat pact with someone. I just need women in my life who like to live healthy, eat well, get active and WON'T TALK ABOUT THEIR WEIGHT in the process. I love being active. I love eating healthy. I love working out. I would even like to shed some pounds. But i don't want to talk about my weight, or what parts of my body I don't like. I don't like to bond over weight issues. I think it is inappropriate conversation unless you are pretty intimate with someone. But any time I mention being active to another woman, the first thing that comes up is weight. I don't want to talk about my body, your body, anyone's body. Let's get sweaty and eat lots of food.