Rebecca Black Denies Awful Pregnancy Rumor

These days it isn't racking up more than 140 million views on YouTube or having your song covered on Glee that makes you a star, it's your very first pregnancy rumor.


Today news began circulating online that the 13-year-old "Friday" chanteuse was pregnant after someone posted a webcam shot of her holding a sign that says "I'm pregnant 5/15/11" on her Facebook wall. (If a teen star discovered she was pregnant, posting a dated photo announcement on Facebook is definitely the first thing she'd do.) It was quickly deleted, but gained momentum when someone submitted the story as a CNN ireport. Though there's a disclaimer that the article was "not vetted by CNN," it seems Wolf Blitzer is so beloved among America's youth that they'll believe anything the network sort-of tells them.

As shown on Missy Loves, the image was photoshopped. This afternoon, Black Tweeted "I thought it was May 15th...not April Fools Day. I'm absolutely NOT pregnant." Though, some clever heinous online commenters believe she's decided to get an abortion and this is all a cover up.

Nice job, internet denizens. Joking about the contents of a 13-year-old girl's uterus is totally classy, and will certainly teach her a lesson about posting a silly music video on YouTube.


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