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Reality Show Following Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, and the Messiah Being ‘Fast Tracked’ at E!

Look. We all must have figured this would happen eventually, as the Kardashian-Jenners know nothing if not Ryan Seacrest-produced television, but it’s nice to know it’s happening sooner rather than later. Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian (and, eventually, their baby) are going to star in their own reality show on E!


Writes TMZ:

One of our sources tell us the couple ain’t gonna come cheap — we’re told the numbers being thrown around are in the 7-figure range.

So far, we’re told nothing is set in stone — but with Chyna being in her 2nd trimester, the network better move fast if they hope to have a production crew catch the grand entrance ... if you catch our drift.


I catch your drift, TMZ. You’re saying the episode during which Blac Chyna (who just filed all the necessary legal paperwork to change her name to Angela Kardashian) gives birth will be the most-watched episode of television since the series finale of M*A*S*H.


In significantly less exciting Kardashian-adjacent news, Lamar Odom has reportedly been spotted drinking again after “swearing to Khloe Kardashian” that he wouldn’t.

As his friend shopped for shoes, Lamar retreated to a bar inside the mall, and went for the Cognac. He shmoozed it up with a few women, dropped $60 cash and beat a hasty retreat.

Odom nearly died after an overdose last year.


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I watched this video...seventeen times? Eighteen? It’s that coffee time again!


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I know everyone *thinks* this RobChyna reality show will be interesting and juicy but don’t forget that video that was posted a few weeks back of them going through the pantry in bewilderment of oatmeal and almond butter. This show is going to be an extended version of that, with Robchyna asking “What iiiiiissss thissss?” when they first see a 3D ultrasound pic* of Rob Jr Jr.

*In their defense, 3D ultrasound pics ARE pretty bizarro