Reality Personality Santino Rice Says He Is Going to Fast for 111 Days, Yikes

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Santino Rice, a former Project Runway designer and judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, has decided to go on a 111-day fast, which sounds like a bad idea.


The fast, he explained on Twitter, “involves drinking as much organic cold-pressed juice and water as I need” over the time period. His followers promptly responded with concern. When asked, “How can you be productive and function without nutrition for that length of time Santino?” Rice replied: “Because I’m getting an over-abundance of micro nutrients through leafy green juice. I work 80-90 hours a week.” But not in the form of solid food.

People’s article quotes a dietician/nutritionist who previously stated, “The best types of detoxes are ones that emphasize lots of hydration and veggies. That can be a veggie-focused juice cleanse (not the super sweet fruit-based ones!), a salad-[based] raw food cleanse for people who like to chew, or even a veggie soup cleanse.” That applies to short-term detoxes, and experts have opposing views on the legitimacy of these cleanses.

Santino appears alarmingly confident about his decision.


Seems like there are better ways to get healthy and that one should consult a doctor, certified dietician or nutritionist before embarking on such a long food-less journey.

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I wonder what happens to your teeth when you go that long without chewing?

But I wonder a lot of weird things.