Real-Life Version Of Weekend At Bernies Isn't As Entertaining As You'd Hoped

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Well this is terrible: two men have been charged after spending a wild night out with their dead friend that included buying drinks, Mexican food, and going to a strip club. Gee, this story was much funnier when it involved Andrew McCarthy, beach babes, and a trip to the Hamptons.

The Denver Post reports,

Jeffrey Jarrett bought his roommate and a friend a round of drinks, Mexican food and a trip to strip club Shotgun Willie's the night of August 27, authorities say.

But while Jarrett was present for some of the night's fun, he wasn't alive to enjoy any of it.

After a shorter, but boozier and less amusing real-life version of the film Weekend at Bernie's, Denver prosecutors have charged two men with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation. Court papers say they loaded Jarrett's body into a car and drove him to various stops around Denver for a night — including a bar and a restaurant — while they used his ATM card.


Just another case of life imitating art. And don't you go telling me an Andrew McCarthy movie isn't art. Have you ever seen Mannequin?

[Denver Post via Videogum]

Image via IMDb.

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Sorcia MacNasty

"Abusing a corpse?" What? It's not like they were poking Anna Wintour with sticks.

/ducks and covers

No, really, that's awful and sounds ageist. It's really just Wintour-hate, not ageism, I promise. Those soulless eyes. She has to be a zombie.