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People joke about all the time about how soulless and awful lawyers are, but sometimes they really are soulless and awful. Case in point: a Minnesota attorney recently faced some serious disciplinary action when it was discovered that he’d taken a page out of Bluth family attorney Barry Zuckerhorn’s lawyerbook and billed a client he was representing in a divorce case for time he spent sleeping with her.


The Atlantic Wire highlighted the sleazy billing practices of Thomas P. Lowe in a broader report in Minnesota’s Star Tribune about the recent rise in instances of disciplinary action against regional lawyers. Lowe’s story is particularly gross because it seems like something a real-world Jeff Winger who never attended Greendale would do and not feel sorry about at all. Thomas P. Lowe of Eagan was suspended for a minimum of 15 months for having a sexual relationship with a client he was representing in a divorce case, and including the time spent during their trysts in his billable hours.


The Wire’s Connor Simpson follows the logic of this confounding paper-trail (which was initially discovered and reported on back in January) to its natural conclusion — Lowe served as his own pimp, making his timeline the darkest timeline of them all.

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