Who’s the shadiest, most powerful, most spiteful of them all? These are Jezebel’s definitive power rankings for Season 12 of The Real Housewives of New York. Results are tallied throughout the season, based purely on friendships, storylines, confrontations, confessional looks, and our very good instinct.

This week, Leah gives us the least—after weeks of doing the most—while Ramona refuses to let footage alter her version of the truth. We learn Tinsley is on-again with her off-again, on-again coupon king and everyone seems to be happy for her except Dorinda.


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I have secretly, not so secretly, been a fan of Tinsley since her very first reality show—-the very ill-fated High Society! I am glad she is chuckin up the deuces now on a high note.

Dorinda can keep on hating! Tinsley, do you boo!