Real Life 'Cookie Monster' Steals From Girl Scouts Selling Cookies

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A man is being dubbed a real life "Cookie Monster" after he tried to steal money from a group of cookie-selling Girl Scouts.


Just when you think this story can't get any more awful, it turns out the would-be thief tried to snatch money actually intended to help troops overseas, according to the Los Angeles Times. (It's like he was going for some kind of record as "Shittiest Thief Ever.")

After a chase and struggle, David Betancort was arrested on suspicion of swiping a "tip jar" from Girl Scouts selling cookies outside an Escondido supermarket Saturday, law enforcement officials said. The tips were meant to buy cookies to send to military personnel overseas, a program known as Operation Thin Mint....The jar contained about $40, said a scout leader, who was able to write down the license plate number of the alleged getaway car.


The Girl Scouts selling the cookies said the man grabbed the tip jar and ran away, laughing. He reportedly had wild, fuzzy blue hair and giant wide googley eyes. Local media starting calling the thief "Cookie Monster" in their reports because NATURALLY.

Apparently, the police in Escondido don't take shit from Sesame Street-themed criminals because they conducted a raid on Betancort's home last week, along with the U.S. Marshals. He broke through a window trying to outrun them, before being tackled. (It might come as no surprise to you, but he was wanted on other charges not related to stealing from little girls selling cookies.)

I don't know about stealing from a tip jar meant for troops, but I wouldn't put it beyond myself to knock down a couple of elementary school kids and lead the police on a nationwide Bonnie-and-Clyde-esque chase for a couple of boxes of those Carmel deLite things.

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I am a Cookie Monster. I ate an entire box of Caramel deLites for dinner last night. (I trashed the box that said "Samoas" on it as soon as I opened them.)