Real Housewives of Orange County Covid-Denier Kelly Dodd's Mother Hospitalized With Covid

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Image: Bennett Raglin (Getty Images)

Bobbi Meza, mom of Real Housewives of Orange County star and anti-mask flaunter Kelly Dodd, is in the ICU. Bobbi’s son Eric Meza announced the news on Instagram, writing: “Prayers needed for my mother. Thank you. She is in ICU.”


The news comes after a year in which Dodd has laughed off covid-19, both in public and on television. In a recent episode, she joked that it was the “Corona Del Mar” virus, and said: “I don’t understand why people are freaking out about this coronavirus.” Meanwhile, on Instagram, she has continued to mock lockdown measures across the country. In April, she even tweeted that the pandemic was “God’s way of thinning the herd.” When restaurants re-opened across Orange County in May, Dodd also posted a video at lunch, without a mask on, and proclaimed that “no one is dying” of coronavirus in Orange County.

Of course, the news that her mom tested positive is no surprise. Contrary to Dodd’s denialism on national television, arm-in-arm with her Fox News reporter husband, covid-19 does not pick and choose who it will infect. I’ve written before that Real Housewives of Orange County acts as a harrowing window into the mentalities of hundreds of thousands of like-minded coronavirus deniers across the country. Despite her mom’s diagnosis, Dodd has made it clear, since March, that there is very little that can be done to change her mind about any of this.

Still, here’s to a swift and speedy recovery for Meza.


tonight, living in a fantasy

God: “Where were your prayers when other people needed them? GTFOH.”

A big cluster of multiple households in my state just got Covid. The health dept asked them to quarantine, to which at least 3 of the households said FU, we’re going to do what we want and still send our kids to school because that shit ain’t real. I hope all the adults in those households that are doing this get sick and have lasting health effects.

We’re almost out of this shit, and these fucking morons are trying to drag us down with them.