We're handing out the awards for today's best comments, and booing the worst!

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Lady Gaga Is Now The Queen Of Twitter:

Spike Lee- Ima let you finish, but Kanye West had the best bashing of a president for terribly handling a natural disaster that happened to disproportionally affect a lower income/marginalized American community quote of all time!!! ALL TIME!!!

Best Comment Of The Day in response to No Gay Couples Make The Cut For Today Show Wedding:

But everyone knows the gays don't actually love each other! Love is only something heterosexuals have; the gays are all into lust and orgies and goodness knows what all, and I would say more but delicate ears should not be offended.

Best Thread Of The Day in response to The Snuggie Meets The Macarena — And Jesus Wept.:

In honour of crappy 90s tunes.

Who let the Snugs out?

Baby one more snuggie!

Snuggie No. 5!

Plus all the hilarious Snuggie-related titles that follow.
Worst Comment Of The Day in response to Caster Semenya, As Misunderstood By A Very Sore Loser: "That black dude is a chick?"


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