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Reader Roundup: The Gif That Keep On Giving

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Today's best comments are action packed.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Taylor Momsen Likes Porn:

Her eye makeup is a shout-out to the Chilean coal miners.

Best Comment Of The Day, also in response to Taylor Momsen Likes Porn:

Is she just fucking with us now with the eyeliner? Because I'd totally do that if I were her. Next, connect them like a bandit. After that: eyeliner facial hair.


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Can We Quit Complaining About The Decline Of Manliness Already?:

Oh, yeah, I am really put off by well-groomed guys in tight pants who can hold a conversation about my interests. I'm so disheartened and unhappy about the lack of endless diatribes on sports dominated by bros in poorly-thrown-together outfits assembled from a dirty floor. And scarves? Don't get me started on scarves. I positively weep that men's necks are staying so warm.

/thinly-veiled sarcasm

But really, we all know what this is. This is a homophobic, misogynist backlash against things actually changing in our society. People have started to acknowledge there's a more fluid spectrum of sexuality; people have started thinking that it's okay for men to play with fashion and to have interests outside of sports, beer, and porn. But some people don't like the idea that society might become a little more tolerant, a little more open, a little more flexible. They want things to stay rigidly hierarchical. They want to be able to slap people back in line when they try to step outside their proscribed identity. They're not about social change. They're not really calling for a generation of men who are forthright and responsible and brave: they're just angrily condemning people they think have blurred those boundaries and strayed a little to far into girlyland.

Girlyland, incidentally, is totally what I am calling my apartment from now on. "Want to stray into Girlyland? We have cookies over here! And whiskey."


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Vince Vaughn Apologizes For Defends Gay Joke:

Satire 101.

If it's not subversive, it's not satire.
If it's not satire, you're just an asshole.

Best Comment Of The Day also goes to the entire thread in response to A Comprehensive Glossary Of Gifs:


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Congratulations to Ruby_de_la_Booby, Kit Cloudkicker, yourestillinadream, and MagImpalor. Also, Tracie for making me smile more in one afternoon than I ever have before.