If it were up to CBS, 90% of today's best comments would be bleeped out.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Orlando Spills The Beans About Miranda's Pregnancy: "If I were William Shatner, I'd go by William Shitner just to make a point." • Best Comment Of The Day in response to Levi Johnston Possibly Impregnated Ex-Girlfriend With His Potent Seed: "Now that's what I call polling the electorate." • Best Comment Of The Day in response to Heading To A Post-Apocalyptic Orgy? Don't Forget The Condoms!:

In this painting:

-People having sex with beetles/a mosquito

-A tortoise sniffing a guy's bum

-A satyr sitting on some rocks, drinking tea/snapping pictures

-A skeleton "boning" from behind.

-A chimp having sex with Mona Lisa

-Missionary grasshopper sex (I'd hate to see the aftermath of this one... or any of them, I guess)

-Parrot cunnilingus

The apocalypse: brought to you by teen boys.

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