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• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Chris Noth Delivers A Eulogy For Sex And The City:

I'm pretty sure it just died of embarrassment.

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Levi's Too Busy Educating Himself To Watch Bristol Dance:

When asked what books he was reading, Levi replied, "All of them."

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to The Popular Pursuit Of Library Sex:

This librarian will smack your ass with a ruler if I see any of that going on. Wait, what do you mean 'how hard'?!

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Sad Keanu Is Team Cupcake:

Bill & Ted's Excellent Cakeventure

The Devil's Advocake

Something's Gotta Give-vanilla

Johnny Mnemonlick

Much Ado About Non-Muffins

The Baketrix

I Lick You To Death (Okay, that sounds wrong...or right?)

My Own Private Bite-a-ho (Okay, that sounds really wrong)

• Best Comment Of The Day in response to Homophobe Senator Chambliss Admits Employing Gay-Slur Commenter:

What is with the "If we let gays (blank), then (blank)" logic. It makes no sense. This isn't If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.

If you let gay people have driver licenses, then 3 year olds will want to drive and turtles and ears of corn! If gay people can have jobs, then next thing yo know prostitution will be legal and funded by communist anteater drug lords (who knows how much coke they could snort with those snouts!) If we let gay people walk in public, then we'll have to let Osama Bin Laden walk around in public with his lizard lover he met during his spelunking years. I could go on all day. Where do I apply to become a Republican politician?


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