In today's best comments, you cracked the case on CSI and the Bieb.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Justin Bieber To Guest Star On CSI: "Justin Bieber To Guest Star On CSI...In Attempt To Solve Mystery Of Why Justin Bieber To Guest Star On CSI" And:

Hmm, I wonder if he'll turn up in the first couple of scenes to give his version of events, then be dismissed as unconnected to the case, then about half way through be shockingly reconnected to the case when a new piece of evidence is discovered, then be brought in to spill some info he failed to mention earlier which incriminates someone else and gets him off the hook, then be incriminated right back again by the other person, then break down and confess without an attorney or without being recorded and with only flimsy circumstantial evidence, then be led handcuffed in slow mo past the window of whichever CSI staffer has some kind of personal/emotional involvement to the case, then catch said staffer's eye and share a moment of mutual understanding just in time for the music to start and the credits to roll...

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