Reader Roundup: Is Obama The Couch Potato-In-Chief?

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Sit back and enjoy today's best comments.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Small-Breasted Ladies, Burn Your (Padded) Bras!:

Just another example of marketing gurus managing to convince women to want whatever they don't have. You have smaller breasts? Buy a padded bra, flattie. You have big breasts? Get a minimizer, slut. Same as they do with hair: curly girls need to straighten, straight hair needs volume and texture. Skin tone: too pale? Tan. Too dark? Bleach. Big butt? Lose weight. No butt? Padded underwear. The list goes on and fucking on.


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Baby Carrots Go Extreme In Best Marketing Ploy Ever:

Mommy Carrot and Daddy Carrot are concerned about Baby Carrot's extreme makeover.
First comes metal music, then chain smoking, then hanging with the dirty outcasts of the vegetable garden like the smelly inbred Baby Brussel or Baby Turnip - who turns tricks and taps the roots of neighboring veggies for a small fee.
Next Baby Carrot will be tripping on wild mushrooms and claiming he never popped Baby Cherry's pit.
Mommy and Daddy Carrots shriek, "My how thyme passes! Our Baby Carrot has outgrown the garden and has taken to soiling his good name..all to be viewed as EXTREME."

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Court Rules Ladies' Nights To Be Acceptable, Of Course:

When asked why she ruled against Den Hollander's appeal, Judge Mauskopf shrugged and said, "The feeling's right."

Best Comment Of The Day in response to White House Unveils Cutting-Edge White House Redesign:

The coffee table without traditional legs symbolizes Nobama's contempt for family values, and, also, that his Nazi policies don't have a leg to stand on.

The comfy couches just show all real Americans how he doesn't take the job of president seriously. He just thinks he can sit around on comfy couches with his trashy wife and do nothing while the country goes to hell!

The stripes show his waffling on one color - white, black - pick a race already!

The curtains? Muslin.

The color beige? Well, duh - Kenya is totally beige!

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