Reader Roundup: Hogwarts Students Learn About The Birds & The Boggarts

Today's best comments are as good as gold.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Does Your Vagina Need A $50 Steam Bath?:

"The basic premise is that sitting on an open-seated stool over a boiling pot of herbs (usually including mugwort and wormwood) reduces stress, fights infections, clears hmorrhoids, regulates periods, and helps fight infertility."

This sounds like something prebupescent Hogwarts girls learn on that special day in Herbology when the boys have to go in a separate classroom to watch "Becoming a Young Wizard."


Best Comment Of The Day, also in response to Does Your Vagina Need A $50 Steam Bath?:

Many infertility problems are related to coldness and stagnation

So what you're saying is I won't get pregnant if I'm not having sex. Interesting!


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Abu Dhabi Hotel "Regrets" $11 Million Christmas Tree:

Dahling, this has indeed been the most decadent Christmas to date! You spoil me, rahhhly you do.

My love, you deserve all the happines—I mean, beauty—money can buy. Come, let us cuddle 'neath the tree; I have a gift for you.

Oh Reginald! Why, this paper is simply sumptuous, I almost can't bear to op—

Bitch, is this a gold bar?

From the vending machine?!?



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