It is a truth universally acknowledged, that today's best comments are delightful.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to Black Principal Runs School With Segregated Class Elections:

Black King, White King, Black Queen, White Queen? It's homecoming, not chess! If we, as a nation, allows this to continue, then we're all pawns of racism and should feel rooked.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to 20 Inane Things Heidi Montag Loves:

I love this post! I love America and the freedom to read Jezebel. I love Tracie. I love my cats because they live in America and I love the army because they protect my cats while I read Jezebel, and I love food! I love days that end in Y too because in America on days that end in Y me and jesus can read Jezebel. LOVE YOU LOVE LIFE LOVE GUNS AMERICA AND FREEDOM.

Best Comment Of The Day in response to The Legality Of Teresa Giudice's $60K Post-Bankruptcy Spending Spree:

Upon my honour! One is in need of a fair amount of furniture and accompaniments when one practices in the table flipping trade. " — Pride & Pre-Giudice


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Bristol To Get Truly Weird On DWTS:

The only way this might be interesting in a non cringeworthy way will be if she shows some spark of rebellion against her mother. Like that time she said abstinence wasn't realistic, but has since been Ms. Abstinence.

Maybe they can choreograph The Abstinence Dance for her. It will involve her and her partner on opposite sides of the dance floor, each holding Bibles. They will gradually get closer, circling each other warily, as tension mounts. Then they will drop the Bibles and dance together for 15 seconds, and it will be fast and sloppy and result in low scores and/or pregnancy.

Or The Lamestream Media Dance, which is interrupted by a man in a Keith Olbermann mask kidnapping Bristol and taking her away, until she is rescued by Dancing Jesus.

The worst part for me is picturing Sarah Palin in the audience every damn week. This used to be one of my favorite guilty pleasure shows.


Best Comment Of The Day in response to Officials Find Tiger Cub Smuggled Amongst Stuffed Animals:

Police are on the lookout for the alleged smuggler. They have released a composite sketch of the suspect:


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