There are no best/worst comments of the day today, since we had tech issues, but what we do have are tips on coding comments:

If you want to bold a word in your comment, use <b> and </b>.
For instance, write:
Lady Gaga <b>looks</b> amazing.
To get:
Lady Gaga looks amazing.

To add italic to your comment, use <em> or <i>.
For instance, write:
James Franco <em>never</em> looks bad.
To get:
James Franco never looks bad.

(Note: using bold and itals are preferrable to all-caps YELLING.)

If you would like to add a link to your comment, you can just paste it in, and it will become clickable.


However, here's the fancy way to add a link, for those interested:
Type <a href="LINK GOES HERE"> before the text, and make sure to close that code with </a>.
An example:
I read about it <a href="">here</a> on IMDb.
Will give you:
I read about it here on IMDb.

As always, send questions or problems to Hopefully the comments will be up soon!