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Reader Roundup

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Let's all hum along to the best comments of the day!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Is This The Geek Dream Girl?: "This is the worst glitz pageant talent ever. Where's the winking and curtseying? Where's the flirting with the crowd? She'll never win Grand Supreme at this rate." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Memo To Tabloids: Sandra Bullock Trumps All:

Look at me, I'm Sandra B
Have a lousy husband named Jesse
Takes strippers to bed though he's legally wed
How could he? I'm Sandra B


You Add:

As for you Star and People too
I know what you want to do
Proof of his shame
Printed under your name
Sell magazines all night and day


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Awww shucks. I seriously just called my boyfriend to gush.

Him: "Comment of the day? Star? What does that even mean? Is Jezebel that site that you are always looking at on the weekends?"

Me: It means I win at feminism. Now you have to buy me dinner.

Thanks for the free dinner, Jezzies!