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Reader Roundup

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Friday's best comments are working like the rent is due tomorrow!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to "It Was My Pride That Kept My Cheeks Dry": A Dude Learns Lessons From "Chick Flicks":

He had a much more positive takeaway from this than I probably would have.
Day 19: "Just finished 27 Dresses. Inspired me to get started on my own screenplay, 27 Ways to Kill Myself."
Day 20: "Sex and the City: Was reminded that I still can't stand that bitch Carrie and Miranda is the only tolerable one. If I could afford those shoes, I would use them to end the life of my DVD player."
Day 21: "Bride Wars: RAGE BLACKOUT. "
Day 22: "I'm watching Whip It again, just to calm myself down."


Best Comment Of The Day, in response to British Bunny Breaks Biggest Rabbit Record:

"They like big BUNS and they CANNOT LIE
Cat and dog owners can't deny
That when a rabbit hops in with no ounce of haste
Big puffy tail in your face
And feet of SPRUNG, wanna pull out your squee
'Cause you notice that hare's a cutie"


Also nominated and deserving of special mention: this thread!

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Mr Greycat: "What did you do a work today?"

Me: "Made up a song about rabbit buns"

Mr. Greycat: "...."