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Friends, Friday featured fiercely funny forays into commenting!

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Secrets And Lies: Edwards Sex Tape Not On The Market (Thank God.): "The reason that the sex tape isn't on the market is that no one was interested in buying a twenty minute tape of a man brushing his hair and smiling emptily at himself in a mirror." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to At Least No One Will Think She Bought This Herself? : "Obviously, this shirt is being misinterpreted. People are always assuming she's related to one of the Hartford Bitches, because she has that classic Bitch nose. Her mother, however, is even more obviously from the well-respected Bitch family." •
Best Comment Of The Day, in response to French, British Battle Over G-Spot:

Renwich - In other news, British scientists from the University of Loucester Collee report that the entire letter "G" doesn't exist. Despite the protests of thousands of cunnin linuists, who claim to use the letter "G" quite frequently, the researchers say it's nothin more than an alphabetic myth, propaated by rumors and superstition. The scientists asked a number of fraternal twins whether they ever use the letter "G" in casual speech, writin, or other occasions. Most reported something to the effect of, "No, 'uvna, I am not 'iven to usin' that particular letter in me daily discourse.' As of press time, linuists from the Institut National Polytechnique de "G"renoble in France were shakin their heads."


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