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Some days bring out the best and the worst.

Amazing Comments Of The Day: Obviously, everyone here is nominated! • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to The Style Rookie Goes Pro: "Whether you like her style or not, she's still awesome. She's a confident, intelligent young woman who's unapologetic about her love for fashion and clothes that don't come from Abercrombie & Fitch. She's a teenage girl who's become famous (or at least known) for something other than her looks and sexuality, and she doesn't seem to try to fit in with normal standards of what teenage girls 'should' look/act/dress like. Keep on doing what you're doing, Tavi." • Worst Comment Of The Day, in response to What's The Best Way To Stop Bullying?: "I hate to side with bullies, but in some cases I think that the victim should accept some of the responsibility. She killed herself—she wasn't murdered… Kids feel like they deserve friends and popularity no matter what, even if they have done nothing to make themselves likable to other students. The article only tells half of the story, and maybe before jumping on the bandwagon to try and teach kids not to bully, we should be trying tot each kids social skills so that they won't be a target in the first place." You say: "The problem is the bullying. Victim-blaming never works." And: "Your comment is really no different from someone saying to an abused woman: 'Well, maybe if you were better at being a wife your husband wouldn't beat you.'"


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Why does that always come up in EVERY bullying thread?

You'd never say, well, that kid should have been less black so all those white kids would have stopped picking on her about her race.

Absolutely no one was suggesting every kid is going to be liked. But why do so many people think abusive behavior from kids is okay? You leave that stuff unchecked and you end up with abusive adults. If we'd like to stop those kinds of cycles we'd really better start paying attention to bullies, not whatever arbitrary thing the victim did "wrong". Which could be wearing the "wrong" shoes or being the "wrong" gender.

Also, this sounds like advocating conformity at any cost. No thank you.