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The best comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Guardian Discovers Gabourey Sidibe Is Not Precious: "Hang on! Are you trying to say that Johnny Depp doesn't run a chocolate factory, George Clooney doesn't take care of sick kids in a large hospital and Matt Damon isn't just covering for his real super-spy identity?! Am I supposed to honestly believe that Julia Roberts didn't work the streets in Hollywood, Halle Berry doesn't control weather and Helen Mirren doesn't usually live in Buckingham Palace?! WTF!!!!" • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Sarah & Bristol Palin In Touch Cover Leaves Tabloid Readers Cold: "Because I want to read about infamous spinster Jennifer Aniston, not infamous spin-star Sarah Palin." And! "Well maybe people were practicing their right to choose." • Best Comment Of The Day, in response to What's Wrong With John Mayer?: "Great, now I have this mental image of John Mayer going camping in a vagina. Complete with like, vagina hiking, and vagina canoeing and vagina white-water rafting. All with this really smarmy self-satisfied look on his face. And then he would write a song about it, and the song would be called 'Your Vagina's A National Park.'"


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