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The best comment of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Outraged Aussies Say Miss Universe Contestant Is "Skin And Bones": To my slender and lithe Jezebelles: I am sorry that there will be so much expressed here that rebounds off you in your natural, healthy states. You are lovely as you are, and I will tell anyone who questions your health to BTFO (back the fuck off).


To my Jezebelles recovering from or struggling with an ED: This post is clearly going to stir a pretty big pot, and stir it like crazy. Be good to yourselves. There's a lot of wisdom from a lot of the women here about how they've faced these issues themselves. Don't hold on to the shit that the pot serves up — find the good stuff.

To my Jezebelles who carry more on their frames than they wish to carry You are not a number, or a series of numbers, and no one is better or worse than you because they have a different set of numbers to their names.

To all the Jezebelles Let's not fight each other. Let's fight the motherfucking patriarchy who created this shit."

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