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The comments of the day:

Best Comment Of The Day, in response to Pillow Talk: The Meaning Of Dreams Depends On The Mood: "I love dream analysis and all the different ideas people have about dreams. If I remember correctly, needing a bathroom means you have some things to get rid of in your life (that will poison you eventually). Having to do it publicly, in a very dirty place (especially if there's overflowing johns) shows a realization that working through whatever's bothering you may be difficult to keep private and possibly expose you for all the world to see in a way that is very uncomfortable." I Say: "Whoa, I spent the weekend cleaning out dressers and closets and I've been thinking about how much more I need to get rid of!" And there are some peeps coming over soon and I fear I haven't made enough progress. Freaky. • Worst Comment Of The Day Hillary Clinton Checks Out The Turkish View: "Let me start off by saying that I am a big Hillary supporter. I voted for her in the primary and I was so glad when Obama chose her as Secretary of State. But girlfriend is looking so tired and wrinkly around the eyes that it's a little painful! I for one will not criticize Madam Secretary in the slightest if she at any point in the future chooses to have some minor cosmetic rejuvenation. She works hard, she's successful and accomplished, she deserves to look good too!" Megan says: "She looks tired because she's been in office for about 6 weeks and has already logged almost 60,000 miles in official travel and reportedly barely slept the entire time she was in Europe. So I think it's more the long trips and the lack of sleep." Also? Hortense says, "can we please stop trying to make every woman look 25? Especially those who are out kicking ass on our behalf? Thanks." And! Remember, you are reading a blog which prohibits nasty nitpicking in comments.


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