You know what? Forget all those other people in your life—your BFF, your parents, your boss, your co-workers, your college roommates and all the rest of them. They are probably going to get lots of cool crap from nice people just like you this holiday season. I say, it's time to be selfish!

Every year at Jezebel we do our own special, kooky series of gift guides, and this year will be no exception. But you guys are probably already putting together your shopping lists or making purchases, so this week we'll focus on what you, the readers, are giving this season. Ideas aplenty! Today's installment: gifts for your BFF.

This is going to work just like our Fall Fashion Shopping List. The rules:


1. Please don't leave regular/direct comments on this post. Shopping submissions only! You can, however, comment on the submissions.

2. Items should be available online. We want to buy the cool trinket you found! Give us the link!


3. Avoid duplicates. If someone posts the thing you were absolutely planning on buying too, please avoid making a second entry for it. Instead, just chime in beneath their comment.

4. Follow this format for your entries:


Description of item, price, link to/name of retailer.

Additional notes.

For example:


Williams and Sonoma All-Clad Stainless-Stell Large Roaster with Rack. $129.95 – $159.95

When you are a committed and passionate blog journalist like me, you work on the holidays. I don't always have time to roast myself a beautiful, succulent turkey dinner. But when I do, I like to use the 'fancy shit,' as my Aunt Cathy likes to call it. This gorgeous rack is just the kind of thing I like to keep stuffed in the back of a cabinet for 11 months out of the year, until the one day I need and can't find it, so I can spend the holiday, running around screaming 'DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE I PUT MY PAN? THE GOOD ONE? THE FANCY ONE?'


Images via Shutterstock, Williams and Sonoma