Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth
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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

Ray Ray Li-Ot-Ta! And Ga And-Ga-Ga! Oh My Oh-My-God! Want a Bad Romance?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

She loves Goodfellas,

He loves Cheek to Cheek.

She thinks he’s handsome,

And he thinks she’s unique.

So they went out.


that they went out.

Ate at L’Artusi,

It’s hard to get in.

Went out to smoke sev’ral times during their din’.

Yeah they went out.


Yeah they went out.

Their reps have denied it,

But they ain’t trying to hide it.

They want it bad.

A bad romance.

[Page Six]

So Coldplay played (Coldplayed?) “an intimate gig for less than 200 guests” at some tiny venue in the Hamptons on Sunday and there were all kinds of famous people there. Karlie Kloss and John McEnroe were there. (Not as a couple, thank god.) Jimmy Buffet and Jon Bon Jovi were there. (Not as a couple, though how cute would that be!) Beyoncé and Jay Z were there. Gwyneth, too!

But while those people were presumably having a ball at the show, Page Six reports Bethenny Frankel wasn’t enjoying her view.

Witnesses said Frankel flew into a rage when a trio of women were in her way. “Bethenny was annoyed that the women were standing [in her way] and was really nasty, asking them to move,” said a source. “She got so annoyed, she ordered [a drink and] then threw [it] at the women . . . They were speechless.”


Because “there was no VIP area,” D-listers were rubbing up against A-listers, and one of the women Frankel “doused” was “influential Hamptons fixture Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn, the wife of Goldman Sachs investment-banking boss Gary Cohn.” I don’t know much about them, but I’m going to assume Frankel won’t be invited to their Labor Day party.

[Page Six]



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