Ray & Janay Rice Are Praying For Halloween 2014's Biggest Assholes

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Ray and Janay Rice know people will probably spend Halloween 2014 dressed like them in their worst moment, so the couple has made a decision — they're praying for the idiots that won't be able to stop themselves. You know you've really fucked up when you're being outclassed by Ray Rice.


A source close to the couple told TMZ about the Rice's choice to turn the other cheek, which stems from their rededication to church and push to be born again Christians. Last week, Janay tweeted something slightly less sympathetic.


Yes, let God introduce Halloween's waywards to Black Twitter and see how smart they think their costumes are then.

Image via Reddit.

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These costumes are horrible and literally make me feel ill, but I still think it's a far cry to suggest Ray Rice is capable of outclassing anyone.