Ray J to Become Divorcee

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Ray J, star of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood and founder of aptly named consumer electronics company Raytronics, is at last being officially dumped by his wife of four years, Princess Love. According to TMZ, Love filed for divorce in a Los Angeles court on Tuesday following months of marital strife.


Last November, the couple got into a rather public fight in Las Vegas—Love said Ray J “abandoned” her in a hotel at nearly nine months pregnant after he booked a separate room for himself to “get some space.” It appears the couple has not reconciled since then, despite Ray J’s rather grandiose attempts to make amends with his wife. As TMZ previously reported, Princess Love has stopped wearing her wedding ring and been living in the family’s luxury condo in Beverly Hills with their children, Melody Love and Epik, since the incident. Ray J has been in a separate apartment, where he has been quarantining before getting to see the kids. He did get to keep the dogs.

On Valentine’s Day, the actor and entrepreneur filled the couple’s condo with thousands of roses, which does not appear to have been enough to keep Love from a visit to the courthouse. [TMZ]

Nicki Minaj is, apparently, in the early stages of pregnancy. The singer said on Twitter she had been experiencing “nausea” and was “peeing a lot,” following up by telling a fan she would post a picture of her belly “in a couple months.” Previously, Minaj had hinted she would retire from the music industry to start a family with her childhood best friend and now-husband Kenneth Perry. [Daily Mail]

Tiger King, the show that will divide friend and collaborators for centuries to come:



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her childhood best friend and now-husband Kenneth Perry.

Well, first of all it’s “Petty,” not Perry... and you forgot to mention that he’s a convicted murderer and rapist. Those are also important details. SUPER excited for him to be a dad!!!!!!!!!1