Raven-Symoné Apologizes; Dad Confirms That 'She Says Some Dumb Shit'

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Raven-Symoné has apologized for saying she wouldn’t hire a person named Watermelondrea during a segment on The View. “I should not be part of the problem. I should be part of the solution,” she says.


On Sunday, Raven-Symoné posted an apology (a celebrity’s favorite thing) of sorts to her Facebook page, stating that her “comments about discrimination have spun out of control” and that she wasn’t specifically targeting black people.

She also claims that, contrary to what she said on The View, she never has and never would discriminate against a person because of his/her name, especially since she’s faced that same prejudice in her own life. She writes:

Even though I said I would, it’s not true. My comment was in poor taste. My lack of empathy towards name discrimination was uncalled for. I would also like to say that on Friday my account was hacked, those are not my words...

We would hope that when it comes to hiring, our names, physical appearance, sexual orientation, and age would never outweigh our qualifications, but often times, they do, thats the truth and it sucks. But I should not be part of the problem, I should be part of the solution.

Raven-Symoné’s dad, Christopher Pearman, also came to his daughter’s defense, with very dad-like love and criticism.

Pearman wrote a Facebook post to his “dear friends” about the flack he’s been getting over Raven’s comments, including from a woman who refused to support his book because of it. He made it clear that his daughter can get a little loose with her words:

I haven’t managed Ravens career in over 10 years. This woman is grown, has her own management team, has her own opinions, right or wrong, and is responsible for her own words and actions...

Children grow up and become influenced by many things, situations and people. I certainly don’t agree with what she said....but she is damn near thirty years old. She’s a grown ass woman making grown ass mistakes. We all have been guilty of this.


He also writes:

Aside from this inexcusable gaffe, her 29 years in the entertainment industry has been quite successful, for there have been only an Elite Few Child Stars to last this long and have little to no controversy. For this, I am Very Proud!

Raven is a really Beautiful, Sweethearted, Human Being.I should know. Her Mother and I Love her Very much and will always support her and have her back. Even if sometimes..........she says some dumb S#%T!


Aw. The love of a father. That’s super sweet and accurate, except that Raven-Symoné has said more than a few dumb things. Alas, she still needs to be exiled.

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