Rashida Jones' New Show Angie Tribeca Is True Detective with a Sense of Humor

A gravel-voiced female troubadour warbles nonsense words as detectives exchange intense glances, a SWAT team ambushes a crime scene, and a dog—nothing out of the ordinary here—drives a car. No, these aren’t scenes from season three of True Detective. It’s the trailer for the new cop comedy Angie Tribeca, starring Rashida Jones!


Created by Nancy and Steve Carell, the show (airing on TBS) is a parody of all your favorite (and least favorite) premium cable police procedurals. “There’s this new crop of procedural crime dramas, and there’s all these new kind of cliches and tropes. It would be cool if our show could [effectively] satirize that,” show runner Ira Ungerleider explained at New York Comic-Con.

While it will be hard for Angie Tribeca to top the ridiculousness of Pizzolatto-esque dialogue like “That guy’s has been around less the past three months than my wife’s period,” I look forward to seeing them try.

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Kat Marlowe

German Shepherds are just the worst drivers. Christ, 9 and 3 on the wheel, motherfucker. And, how about actually looking at the road?

I will not watch a show that promotes such blatantly dangerous driving.