Here’s Rashida Jones’ video for her new single, “Flip and Rewind.” The video, which includes cameos from Jermaine Dupri and Tevin Campbell (among others), is a journey through notable 90s hip-hop and R&B videos. There are references to TLC and Boyz to Men, and Jones apparently used her own high- school dance crew in the video.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Jones said:

The inspiration for the video that Will [McCormack] and I directed was to try to evoke the feeling of the Nineties, but not in a mocking way. I think for you and I both, it’s such an important time musically, emotionally and psychologically. Every part of us formed during the Nineties, and we took all of the quintessential R&B videos from the Nineties and did our best to recreate them.

The video is cute and the single is catchy, but damn if I don’t look at her in that opening scene and think, “Ann, you poetic and noble land mermaid.”