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Rhymefest had a traumatic experience on Saturday, when a young man put a gun to his head for his wallet. He went to the police station in his neighborhood and was pretty disappointed with his treatment by an officer, who he said was snacking and playing Candy Crush.

Rhymefest, née Che Smith, shared a video in which he confronts officers about his shoddy treatment when all he wanted to do was report a crime. It’s hard to tell for sure what took place before the cameras came out, but at least one officer seems to come to alert when he realizes he’s being filmed:

Chicago Police Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi tweeted back in response, saying that the department would be looking into the matter, and according to CNN, Chicago Police Chief of Patrol Fred Waller called him to apologize.

While Rhymefest is both a Grammy and Oscar winner, he is also passionate about local politics, running for alderman in 2010. He was defeated in 2011 by incumbent Willie Cochran. Rhymefest had about 45% of the vote and at the time insisted his loss was due to widespread voter fraud. He is obviously passionate about Chicago, and in a series of tweets about the robbery itself, he expresses rage, sorrow, and sadness for his city:

No word yet on if he has made a connection with his robber.