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Randy & Evi Quaid Broadcast Paranoid, Bizarre Behavior On National Television

Illustration for article titled Randy  Evi Quaid Broadcast Paranoid, Bizarre Behavior On National Television

Today Good Morning America aired an exclusive interview with Randy and Evi Quaid, which should have cleared things up and set the record straight. Instead it was a weird display of paranoid, possibly delusional and definitely bizarre behavior.


Randy Quaid asks, "Why would somebody want to do this to me?" It's unclear what "this" is, but the Quaids are wanted in California for breaking into and trashing their former home. Evi Quaid claims that she and Randy are in Canada because they are "seeking to be left alone by the criminals in America." Who are these criminals? An estate planner and "the county," who want Randy and Evi dead, so they can take their money. "They follow us," says Randy. "They tail us. They tag our cell phone they hack our computer."

Randy has previously spoken about the "malignant tumor" of "Star Whackers" in Hollywood, which allegedly killed Heath Ledger, David Carradine and Chris Penn. These are businessmen, a "mafia" of people who can get involved with every aspect of a celebrity's life — and ruin them — according to Evi. She says Lindsay Lohan should watch out, and when it comes to Mel Gibson and those infamous rants, Evi says, "I think he was drugged."


It's impossible to figure out what the hell is really going on; there's kind of a 12 Monkeys feel to this whole thing — are they crazy, or do they just know something that we don't? If there is a group of Hollywood businessmen that focuses on smearing and ruining celebs, well, that wouldn't be too surprising. But watching the video, you get the feeling Evi Quaid might be wrestling with some mental health issues, and once, Randy yells at her to "shut up."

One thing is for sure: This story would make for an interesting movie! There's always a chance these two are just working on an epic script.

Randy & Evi Quaid Broadcast Paranoid, Bizarre Behavior On National Television
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Exclusive: Randy Quaid, Wife Say They're 'Hollywood Refugees,' Fear for Dennis Quaid [ABC News]

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How would their well-publicized presence in Canada keep them from being killed? David Carradine wasn't in the US when he died. Star Whackers know no borders.