Not only is Christmas way late for the Sasha and Malia Obama's godmother, Eleanor "Mama Kaye" Wilson, the Post Office sent her gift to a total stranger.

Illinois native Alane Ecklund Church thought she was opening a delayed, crazily re-wrapped gift from her brother-in-law, but instead she found a photo album from "Barack, Michelle + the girls." The Obamas are the type that send thoughtful, adorable homemade photo albums with lovely notes to their loved ones, obviously. Except this one was for the girls' godmother Mama Kaye. Oops.

Since Church is a classy lady, she didn't share the contents of the family photo book online (outside of a shot of the gift's note) or during an interview with The Today Show.

"It's very special. Private moments of their year of 2013 together," Church said. "We're sort of wanting to keep it private for Mama Kaye."

Church says she's sending Mama Kaye's rightful gift to her post-haste. Merry, happy new year, y'all!

Image via Facebook