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Ramona And Beezus: Blasphemy!

Illustration for article titled emRamona And Beezus/em: Blasphemy!

"I hope you guys like it!" Selena Gomez says of her new Ramona and Beezus trailer. No. We don't. Maybe because BEEZUS IS A SEX KITTEN AND RAMONA IS A PINT-SIZED MANIC-PIXIE DREAM GIRL.


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[Via ONTD]

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Sherbet Gravel

Oh lord, settle down, ladies. Everyone's so quick to hate on the despicable "Hollywood adaptation," but seriously? OMG, your favorite part of your favorite childhood books didn't make it into the two-minute trailer?! The tone of the movie (trailer) is different than your memory of the beloved kids' books?! Rabble rabble! And sorry Sadie, but your specific capitalized criticism is way off base. Just because Selena Gomez is a beautiful young woman doesn't mean her character has tragically morphed into a "sex kitten." And Ramona being an imaginative free spirt makes her a "pint-sized manic pixie dream girl?" No, no it doesn't. Stereotypes in film can certainly be frustrating, but not everything we have a knee-jerk response to hate can fit conveniently into those packages.