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Radiohead Starts to Disappear Completely...From Social Media

Illustration for article titled Radiohead Starts to Disappear Completely...From Social Media

Radiohead seems all of a sudden to have taken Kid A’s “How to Disappear Completely” to heart. Beginning on the morning of May 1, their social media presence began to recede, rendering their website a blank page and their Twitter and Facebook accounts stark.


As Pitchfork reports, the disappearance was gradual over the course of the day: “their website decreased in opacity until it went entirely blank...There are no longer any tweets or Facebook posts on the band’s accounts. Their profile pictures and cover photos have gone completely blank as well.”

So, what’s going on guys? Just yesterday, “fans of the band received mysterious flyers with the words ‘Sing a song of sixpence that goes/ Burn the witch/ We know where you live.”


If we’re lucky, these shenanigans point to a new album. But with Radiohead, who knows? The A.V. Club predicts that the band “is definitely either up to something or being erased from history due to a time paradox.” That’s as good a guess as any — perhaps we should all begin carefully monitoring our iTunes libraries.

Image via Getty. Video via YouTube.

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Slay.douché - (dreams to be a puppy)

If it gets to the point where you ask somebody:
“What’s the deal with Radiohead?” and the whole internet says:
“I’m sorry, there’s never been a band by that name... I’ma get a *little freaked out*”