Radio Station Offers "No Rihanna, Win A Pinata" Weekend

In what is perhaps the most disgusting attempt to capitalize on the Rihanna/Chris Brown incident, a local radio station in Reno, Nevada is hosting a "No Rihanna, Win A Pinata" weekend. You stay classy, Reno!

A reader tipped us to this promotion after hearing it on her radio: Z-93.7, a station that previously banned all Chris Brown songs after the incident, due to listener demand, is now banning all Rihanna songs as well, as a result of the singer reportedly taking her boyfriend back.

"93 Point 7 has been taking phone calls all week from you. Most of our listeners are very upset that Rihanna has decided to go back to Chris Brown. That's why this weekend, we are not only banning Chris Brown, but we also decided to not play Rihanna. And we're also giving away pinatas stuffed with first aid kits and band-aids, as well as Rihanna's latest cd, "Good Girl Gone Bad." It's a No Rihanna Win A Pinata Weekend On Z 93.7."


The website then provides two links: one for listeners to continue boycotting Brown, and another for listeners to learn more about domestic violence through a local women's domestic violence prevention organization. Perhaps they should also include a link for those of us who are suffering from a serious case of headdesk right about now.


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