Radio Host Accused of Being Sexist Now Has to Let Women Talk Uninterrupted on His Show

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In Argentina, a radio host will avoid harsher punishment for repeatedly making sexist remarks by agreeing to bring experts on gender issues on his show and actually listening to them instead of interrupting.


Angel Etchecopar, the host of El Angel de Mediodia, was accused of gender discrimination and violence back in September, according to Argentinian daily newspaper La Nación. But prosecutors say they were able to gather “eight pages” of “derogatory, insulting, offensive, degrading and discriminatory” remarks from Etchecopar, according to NPR, which is how they were able to bring criminal charges against him.

Now Etchecopar has reached a deal with prosecutors that involves him bringing experts in gender violence on his show and shutting the hell up, so as to let them talk uninterrupted for 10 minutes “with no room for criticism afterwards,” reports NPR. Prosecutors say this “promotes tolerance,” and I say this could never happen in the U.S. in a million years, but I think it’s a great idea.

The deal will last five months and if Etchecopar says something so wildly sexist or misogynist that it violates anti-discrimination laws again, the deal is off. The names of gender issues experts will be provided for him—which seems like a smart detail to include.

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Lady Commentariat

Now if we could just get this protocol for work meetings. I sometimes daydream about giving the men who blather on non-stop a shock every time they interrupt women or go on for more than two minutes at a time.