Radar Claims Britney ‘Thought She Was the Headliner’ at the VMAs, Feels ‘Lied to’ By Producers

This is not the face of someone who’s mad at MTV, btw. Image via Getty.
This is not the face of someone who’s mad at MTV, btw. Image via Getty.

Heroic G-Eazy kiss denier Britney Spears is reportedly so pissed off at MTV right now because she assumed she would be the “headliner” of the VMAs, and feels like second-tier (or worse!) compared to Rihanna and Beyonce.

Radar Online writes a source told them:

“Britney was legitimately upset about the way that the situation was handled at the VMAs. She felt like she was flat-out lied to by the producers. Britney thought that she was the headliner and could not believe how they screwed her over...Everyone in Britney’s camp was really quite blindsided by Beyonce’s performance. Hardly anyone knew that Beyonce was going to be the main event. Britney is saying she will never do the VMAs again.”


This is a hell of an image, right? Britney Spears, furious with MTV and Beyonce, screaming at everyone who’ll listen that, after a nine-year absence, she will NEVER do the VMAs EVER again!

Well, here’s what her reps said about the story:

“There is not an ounce of truth to this.”

Of course there isn’t! Britney Spears is not mad at MTV. Britney Spears isn’t mad at anyone! Britney Spears was just happy to be at the VMAs. The only things Britney Spears gets passionate about are her children. At least about this, Britney Spears is fine.

[Radar Online]

You know how Rihanna got a tattoo of a shark just DAYS after posing with the stuffed shark he got her in Toronto? Well Vanity Fair has an exclusive interview with Keith McCurdy (the artist who did the inking), and he told them where she got it. This is important, so get ready.


He said:

“The significance is personal. That’s really all I can say. I’ve seen many people guessing the meaning online, but it’s not my place to share publicly...It was especially significant being in Drake’s dressing room and listening to him warm up and sing, but I was the only one there. That was an incredible memory I won’t forget.”


She got. The tattoo. In. Drake’s. Dressing room.

[Vanity Fair]

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“She loves looking curvy and thinks her fuller chest looks healthy. She doesn’t pay attention to the vicious comments or opinions because she’s happy and that’s what’s important.”


The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing you that Taylor Swift doesn’t read the comments


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Adrastra, patron saint of not giving a fuck

“Breast implants” does not equal “curvy”, Taylor.