Bachmann-approved Christian rocker Bradlee Dean's ministry says he's suing Rachel Maddow and MSNBC for defamation, claiming that she misrepresented his position on executing gays. He only noted approvingly that Muslims want to do it!

Dean's lawyer
told the far-right WorldNetDaily, "This case is filed as a matter of principle. We need more Bradlee Deans in the world and hateful left wing television commentators must be made to respect not only his mission but the law."

Dean, whose ministry happens to be called You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, doesn't dispute that he said the following in a radio appearance:

Muslims are calling for the execution for homosexuals in America, this was just released yesterday and it shows you that they themselves are upholding the laws that are even in the Bible, the Judeo Christian God. They seem to be more moral than even the American Christians do.

No one would dispute that his grammar sucks. Dean claims that the statement was edited, but if you read the full statement on WorldNetDaily, it doesn't change the meaning — the only thing that changes is that it's a bit more incoherent.


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In May, Maddow called out excerpts from the statement, which WorldNetDaily refers to as "a benign warning to the homosexual community that the Bible calls the behavior a sin, which has consequences," on her show, and it was widely picked up. "This seriously has harmed Dean and the ministry, who pride themselves on respect and love for all people," according to the statement. (It's about 7:30 into this clip).


The same statement accuses MSNBC of going after the ministry in an attempt to take down Michele Bachmann. Clearly, if MSNBC didn't point out her radical affiliations, America would be swooning at her feet even more. MSNBC and Maddow haven't responded yet.

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