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Rabbit At Jest

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[Hollywood, May 26. Image via Getty]

A message left by demonstrators besides cartoon character Bug Bunny's Star on the Walk of Fame during a Gay protest rally in Hollywood on May 26, 2009. California's Supreme Court upheld a referendum that outlawed gay marriage, but said 18,000 same-sex weddings carried out before the ban would remain valid. Gay and lesbian activists had sought to overturn the result of a November referendum, known as Proposition 8, which redefined marriage in California as being unions between men and women only. AFP PHOTO/Mark RALSTON (Photo credit should read MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)


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It's not so much funny as a subversive way of showing bigots that even their beloved icons may fit under the GLBTQ umbrella. I know that's obvious to some, but I felt the need to have that before saying: It can be a really oppressive word with violent implications, and I think in a lot of situations those with cisgender privilege shouldn't use it — or joke about this. Yes, ol' Bugsy is funny but (at the risk of sounding self righteous) I hope these comments won't degenerate into LOL MTFZZZZ or anything. It's hard to tell when it's ironic or not, and as [] once said about hipster racism, irony isn't necessarily an excuse for bigotry...