R. Kelly Threatens to Ruin 2014 With 'White Panties' Album

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R.Kelly refuses to go away, despite the not-so-quiet backlash that bubbled up late last year after his puzzling mainstream press blitz for his Black Panties album.

Now the man, who was accused of sexual misconduct but not convicted, says he’s prepping a new album because we all need more awkward music we’re torn about possibly enjoying.

“I always follow what my spirit tells me to do,” he told Rolling Stone. “When I get into the studio I write from my heart. I try to write life and not songs. People live life and when you write life, you’re going to mess around and touch somebody’s heart, and they’ll relate to you and what you’re singing about."


Please don’t touch my heart Kells, or anything else on me or any other young black girls, thanks.

In addition, the Chicago native is recording a song with Mary J. Blige, a vocal victim of sexual abuse herself, as part of their upcoming King and Queen tour and perhaps even a duet album. He’s also making 57 new Trapped in the Closet chapters and said "This thing is forever." Hey, those clips are hilarious until you feel the pang of guilt for supporting the guy who reportedly stalked his old high school choir class for victims.

R.Kelly began as a singer but he’s become the barometer for how much importance American society, and the world, places on the safety of black girls and women in general. So bring on White Panties Kells, I’m curious to see just when America will say, 'enough.'


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Hey! An article on Jezebel that is critical of R. Kelly! AND HOLY CRAP! It's supportive of black women!

In other news, Hillary Crosley is no longer allowed to work anywhere else but Jezebel. Because I said so.